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Mr. Fang Ximing
Mr. Fang Ximing graduated from China European International Business School (CEIBS) with a MBA degree. He has been engaged in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years and held senior management positions in leading multinational pharmaceutical groups for more than 10 years. Mr. Fang had worked as regional sales manager (East China) for Sino-American Shanghai Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd., national sales director in Sanofi (China) and Sanofi-Minsheng Ltd., deputy general manager in Shanghai Sunve Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., and general manager in Shanghai Sunve Pharmaceutical Sales Ltd. He once played a major role for Sanofi Group in their business development in China.

Mr. Fang not only has theoretical understanding of management and marketing principals, but also practical experiences in corporate pharmaceutical management. He has extensive experiences in cross cultural management in multinational enterprises as well as experiences in leading domestic companies in their transitions. He has presided over many corporate merger and restructurings over the years. Moreover, he has engineered and executed the launch of many new products that are still considered the leading brands in various market segments today.
Since his engagement in consulting profession, Mr. Fang has provided many kinds of tailored consulting service such as business development, re-launch of products, formulation and management of new business processes for many foreign and domestic invests in China.
Strategical planning and management;
Merger, restructuring and cross cultural integration of enterprises;
Business development plan
Optimization of product portfolio and marketing plan;
Design and management of distribution channels;
Formulate and manage internal business process.