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Project Process

Project Launch
1. Introductions
 We will introduce our company and share our knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry
 and other related areas.
 We will invite you to present the challenges you are facing and what kind of
 expectations you seek from Rayse Consulting.
2. Defining the scope of project
 Together we will discuss and understand your organization, outline the issues that need to be
 addressed and list the steps that are required to make the project successful.
3. Proposal
 We will submit a proposal which will cover the solutions to your problems according to your demands.
 Our proposal will include a summary of the issues, project objectives, possible solutions, budget,
 proposed structure of the team working on the particular project and a preliminary timetable.
4. Client Acknowledgement
 We need for you to confirm each of the items in our proposal: the area in which you need our
 assistance, project objectives, budgets, structure of the team and timetable.
 We will draft an initial contract for you to review and make necessary adjustments before signing.
5. Signing the contract
 Once you sign the contract with us, we will launch the project according to the covenants in the

Project Management
1. Project Launch
 In the initial meeting we will together determine the project objectives, scope, timetable, specific
 individual role and responsibility. In such a case, both sides will confirm a working mechanism which
 applies to both teams, such as the key liaisons from both sides, the contacts of each module and a
 series of regular meeting timetable.
2. Project Work Program
 We will draft the working plans with our clients from the very beginning of the project; define the
 responsibilities of each person and present a clear direction to the team members, who will also be
 informed of the tasks which should be fulfilled within a specific time frame.
3. Investigation and Analysis
 Our consulting team will spend a certain amount of time investigating and analyzing the crucial
 elements to the project. We will conduct interviews with relevant personnel. At times we will need the
 client to help us collect data and information and all information gathered will be confidential.
4. Mid-term Report
 To keep our clients informed, we will present a series of mid-term progress reports with updates and
 tracking of various tasks. At the same time we want to collect feedback from clients to see if they are
 satisfied with the progress.

Project Closing
Final Report
When the project is complete, we will hold a closing meeting where we will demonstrate our conclusion and present our final report. The report will include detail analysis, measures and procedures we employed to solve the issues presented.

☆ For the purpose of reaching the goal set for the project, effective information gathering and investigative work is required for success. All the tailored consulting projects require our consultants to conduct interviews with the employees of our clients. We need you to help arrange the interviews with relevant personnels in the organization in order to fulfill the information collection effectively. It is extremely crucial for your team to provide the information we need timely and effectively.