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Mission Statement

Our clients£º
Our goal is to create value for our clients. As a professional and dedicated consulting service company with unique background and experience, we focus on providing customized service for pharmaceuticals in China as well as those companies in related industries.We offer distinctive, tailored and specialized solutions for pharmaceutical companies and relevant enterprises in China. With our expertise, we assist our clients in acquiring more opportunities and gain competitive advantages in this drastically changing market.

Our products and services£º
According to the relevant laws and regulations of China, we use advanced method of value control, analyzing each company¡¯s own management and operation, and bring tailored services for our clients:
£¨1£©Strategic business development and management
£¨2£©Marketing strategy in different stages of product life cycle such as marketing and new product
¡¡¡¡ launching;
£¨3£©Pivotal operational process and process management;
£¨4£©Training programs relating to business strategies, marketing and operation process.

Our market£º
The consulting service and vocational training we provide will concentrate on pharmaceuticals industry and relevant pharmaceutical manufacturers and institutions. Our business engagement and focus is currently within China.

Our employees£º
We will create an environment in which employees will be encouraged to stay positive. We value each employee while emphasize the importance of team work. All of our staff will shoulder our promise and responsibility to our clients together.

Our benefit clusters£º
£¨1£©Clients: we treat our clients as partners and assist them in maximizing existing resources and turn
¡¡¡¡ it into wealth.
£¨2£©Employees: we will provide them with opportunities for personal growth and development.
£¨3£©Shareholders: we will realize our goals and provide them with continuous returns.
£¨4£©Cooperative partners: we will be candid during communication, seek common ground while shelving
¡¡¡¡ differences and share achievements.
£¨5£©Competitors: we will respect our competitors just like we respect ourselves, as we enjoy competition
¡¡¡¡ and are willing to take challenges.

Our ultimate goals:
While we are seeking to create value for our clients and help them realize themselves, we will make our own efforts and contributions to society and environment. We will practice what one preaches, and that is giving full consideration to factors like social responsibilities of enterprises and environment protection in the solutions we provide for our clients. It is our social responsibility to improve business environment, reduce resource consumption and waste.