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As a company providing professional consulting services, Rayse Management Consult Inc. boasts a competent and responsible team of experts in Chinese pharmaceutical field. Our consultants are well educated, have extensive knowledge of the industry and at one time or another held middle to senior management positions in leading multinational companies. They are experienced in business management and marketing and have proven success in these areas.

In view of our professional accomplishments and spirits, we will only focus on our business service in pharmaceuticals as well as those companies in related industries with our unique professional background, experience, and competence.

¡°Create value for you, and grow with you.¡± This is our management philosophy. Our goal is to shape Rayse into the most professional and concentrated consulting company in this business, focusing in the segment market of pharmaceuticals and related industries in China.

Influenced by relevant laws and regulations of China (GMP, GSP), the pharmaceutical industry here is highly competitive. In view of the particularity of this industry, it requires professional skills and specific knowledge to formulate and implement successful business strategy, marketing and operation.

Looking back at the last 30 years of reform and examining the successful enterprises in the industry, we can readily determine that the key to success is diligence and apply experiences learned both domestically and abroad in order to continue to bring forth new ideas. As reform continues in China, policies will continue to ease and regulations will improve. The ¡°un-regulated¡± growth period of domestic pharmaceutical industry will soon come to an end.

Our highly specialized team not only has a good grasp of relevant laws and regulations of Chinese pharmaceutical industry, but they are also familiar with the operating regulations. This enables our team to tailor advisory programs for our clients.